Gratitude Journal

Intentional gratitude breeds joy. Try it. Here’s an example.

Tonight just a few minutes ago I was driving home from work in Raspberry Shortcake. The outside temperature must have been around 45F, cool enough to require turning up the heat to 85 but setting it on defrost so it wouldn’t blow cold air in my face. Since it wasn’t all that cold, after about 3 minutes, I knew the engine would be hot enough to blow warm air in my face, so I switched over to the face blower.

Absolute bliss.

A perfect opportunity to thank God.

For a car that has a working heater. I’ve driven many that did not. I thank him for those, too, because they got me and my kids where we needed to go.

But mostly for recognizing that moment of near euphoria which, likewise, is not experienced nearly as often as I would like. And for remembering that Gary Chapman (first husband of Amy Grant) song from probably 35 years ago which contains lines that go something like this: “Well, I know we can’t live by feelings, so please don’t get me wrong. But ain’t it kinda nice when the good feelings come along?”


So I thank God for the good feelings.

And I think him for:







Author: jacquelinemcdougall

Christian author, daughter, sister, recent widow, mother, grandmother who has not only survived many Euroclydons (fierce storms) in life but emerged from them strengthened and victorious. My true identity, which I still struggle to wear, though, is that of daughter of the Living King.

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